Monday, April 21, 2014

Lost in a dark thought

I imagine that Seda's day began fairly similarly to my own. We both dragged ourselves out of bed without enough sleep, frustrated by the alarm clock and 6:30am. We both did our best to pull ourselves together for the day, getting dressed, eating breakfast, drinking coffee, thinking about what all we needed to get done, wondering what the day held. Monday, bleh, we both thought. At about the same time, we both caught separate buses and headed towards the same place - our school. On the bus, we both mentally prepared for the day, and maybe even thought a little bit about our first class - intermediate reading and writing in A1-40. Preparing to be in class, wanting to be good a teacher, wanting to be a good student. Our bus routes wound through the city as we made our way closer and closer to our destination, closer together. Within 15 minutes of one another, we arrived. My bus a little early, entering the school and dropping all the teachers off, her bus a little late and leaving the students on the other side of the street. There. Right there on the other side of the street is where our days diverged completely. While I entered the school and went to my office to get ready for class, Seda tried to cross the street, the busy highway where cars drive much too fast, without looking both ways. 15 minutes later, while I made my way to the classroom, she was loaded into an ambulance with her classmates looking on, horrified. While I started class and took attendance and marked Seda absent, her ambulance rushed her to the hospital, where she would spend her day. Not in school. While class ended, the doctors determined that there was internal bleeding and that she would need a blood transfusion. Several students volunteered to go to the hospital at 11:30 to donate blood. While I and everyone else but Seda went about our days as best as we could, she was unconscious, in a hospital, life expectancy unknown. While I ate lunch as usual, Seda was in pain. While I held a level meeting and fed teachers more meaningless rules and announcements, one of my students was barely alive. While I rode the bus home, comfortable and calm, I wondered how Seda would spend her evening and night. Alive or not alive. In a dark thought or on a white cloud.            


Melody said...

How tragic! My thoughts are with both of you.

Renee said...

So sorry to hear this Bear, I hope she will be alright.

Erin said...

The latest I heard was that Seda is in a coma, but is doing okay. I guess all there is to do now is wait. Thanks for the thoughts.